Meet our new staff members!

Our family at Catoctin Vet Clinic is growing! You may have noticed new staff answering the phone, running food out to your car, or assisting the veterinarian during your pet’s appointment. We wanted our clients to get to know them better. Enjoy reading about Ashton, Kaylee, Nate and Megan!

Name: Ashton

Position: Receptionist

Four-legged children: Nala – my sneaky, sassy cat.

Favorite Breed: Husky

Hobbies: Going to breweries and hockey games are my favorite pastimes. I am a diehard Washington Capitals fan! I am also very artistic, so I love to create art in my free time. I enjoy traveling and visit Florida a lot since that is where I grew up.

Name: Kaylee

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Four-legged children: Kiara and Koda – two crazy Rottweiler puppies with love giving hugs. Kaylee also owns a Puggle named Dobby!

Favorite Breed: Rottweiler and Pug

Hobbies: I love to travel and go on hikes. I spend a lot of my free time working out and going on runs. If I am not out exploring the outdoors I spend my time playing Fortnite and spending hours watching scary movies.

Name: Nate

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Four-legged children: Chori – A crazy, snuggle bug box-ador. She loves people and other dogs.

Favorite Breed: Great Dane and Labador Retriever

Hobbies: I mountain bike a lot around Northern Virginia in my free time. I also paint miniature Dungeon and Dragon figurines.

Name: Megan

Position: Veterinary Assistant

Four-legged children: Klaus – my demonic cat.

Favorite Breed: French Bulldog and Golden Retriever

Hobbies: I am diehard Washington Capitals fan and Kentucky basketball fan! Go Cats! I also enjoy cooking and watch multiple cooking shows to perfect my skills. I am currently trying to grow a garden on my balcony. When I am not gardening or cooking I enjoy playing Animal Crossing.

Pictured top left to front right: Ashton, Kaylee, Nate and Megan