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Avalanche was a stray. He liked to sit in the wheel well of a Chevrolet Avalanche pick-up truck parked in front of our previous veterinarian's office, hence the name Avalanche. They rescued him from a storm drain just before a major thunderstorm hit. The severe rainstorm would have meant certain death by drowning.
Avalanche needed a home so they called us to see if we would consider adopting him. Of course, we said yes. We later discovered that at some point, before we adopted him, Avalanche's pelvis had been broken. Being a cat, his bones healed on their own, but not exactly as they should have. As a result, Avalanche had a difficult time with food and was constantly constipated.
Our previous vet retired and sold her practice, so we decided it was time to find a veterinarian closer to our home in Lovettsville. By chance we met a couple at the Blue Ridge Grill in Leesburg who spoke very highly of the Catoctin Veterinarian Clinic and how the clinic had saved their cat's life. Since Avalanche was still having a difficult time with serious constipation, we decided to take him there.
Ten years later, Avalanche is doing incredibly well. Starting with his initial exam and diagnostic x-rays by Dr. Robbins, and working with vet tech Sue, we put together a treatment plan for Avalanche consisting of a very specific diet, medication, and regular monitoring of his condition. And it worked!
We consider ourselves to be truly fortunate to have found the Catoctin Veterinarian Clinic. The veterinarians and staff are knowledgeable, personable, and caring. In addition to Avalanche, the rest of our cats have their own set of medical issues. We are confident they will all receive excellent and professional treatment at Catoctin Vet throughout their lives.
Catoctin Veterinary Clinic
Catherine G.
In our experience, we have never had a dog be as excited to go to the vet as our Dachshunds, Buzz and Woody. From our first visit six years ago, the entire Catoctin Veterinary Clinic staff has shown genuine care, concern and professionalism while being readily accessible, super accommodating and most importantly friendly. There is no smile, sentiment, or treat that goes unnoticed! We couldn’t ask for a better group of people to take care of our bubbas!
Catoctin Veterinary Clinic
Christina, Sam and Jake
The staff and doctors at Catoctin have always been the friendliest to me and my pups! I drive all the way from DC to see them, and they always treat us like an extended member of their family. They are caring, professional, courteous, and welcoming.

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