Boarding – How to prepare your pet for their stay

HELPFUL HINTS: Around the Holiday season a lot of families travel. It is best to start researching boarding facilities as soon as you know the date. It may take a few weeks to find the right one for your pet(s). We recommend personally visiting the facilities, meeting the staff and determining if you are comfortable with the level of care provided.

VACCINES: Find out the boarding facility’s vaccination requirements as early as you can. If your pet is required to have a Bordatella or Influenza vaccine, please call the front desk to schedule an appointment so we can ensure they are protected. Vaccinate your pet(s) at least 48 hours before boarding as immunity can take several days or weeks to develop for some vaccines.

PREVENTATIVES: Ensure heartworm, intestinal worming and flea treatments are up to date before dropping your pet(s) off.

MEDICATIONS: Provide the boarding facility with an outline of your pet’s medical history and current medication. Check your stock of any medications as well. You can also provide the boarding facility with our information to call if there are any questions or concerns.

HEALTH RECORDS: Ensure the facility has all updated health records for your pet(s).