Here at Catoctin Veterinary Clinic, we try to help prepare every owner for their pets’ appointment or surgical service. We want you and your pet to have a great experience with us. This is why we have online forms that you can fill out and submit before ever coming in.  We have a number of forms for a variety of services. Please scroll down the list to pick the one you need. If you have questions or are not sure which form(s) you need, give us a call!

Download Your Form

New Client

Please fill out prior to your pet’s first visit. 

We are so excited to meet you!

Canine or Feline Surgery Authorization

Please fill out prior to your dog or cat’s surgical procedure along with the disclosure form.

Drop Off

Please fill out prior to dropping your pet off at the clinic.



Please fill out upon request of clinic staff.


Mass Removal

Please fill out prior to your dog or cat having lump(s), growth(s) or a mass examined while under anesthesia

Dental Authorization

Please fill out prior to your pet’s dental procedure.


Is your pet having surgery? For any surgical service, such as a spay, neuter, cat declaw etc. you as the owner will need to fill out the Surgery Authorization and Disclosure form. As you fill out the form you will have some options to add on to the surgical procedure.

Pre-Operative Blood Work Screening
Preoperative screens are helpful to detect anemia, kidney, and liver dysfunction. Having preoperative blood work performed on your pet can greatly reduce the chance of anesthesia risk to the patient. The surgery staff at Catoctin Veterinary Clinic strongly recommends pre-operative blood work no matter the age of your pet. Blood work is required by Catoctin Vet for pets 2 years and older. We always say it is good to do because then your vet has past blood work that sets a standard for normal health and something to compare future blood work too.
Laser Surgery
Choosing laser surgery means that our Aesculight vet scalpel laser will be used instead of a scalpel blade. A laser beam will cut and cauterize the incision. Laser surgery provides many benefits to the patient such as: minimized bleeding, reduced risk of infection, less post-operative pain, less swelling and discomfort, and the ability to resume normal activities sooner. The Aesculight laser makes surgery time shorter, simpler and more effective. 
Microchipping is the process of inserting a chip in-between the pet’s shoulder blades with a large gauge needled syringe. We recommended microchipping when your pet is under anesthesia since it is such a large needle to insert under the skin. We use the company HomeAgain ( We register you for the first year (enrollment fee Catoctin Vet Clinic absorbs) with your email address provided. HomeAgain stores your pets ID code in their worldwide database. The microchip will easily be found by a vet or shelter once they scan your pet. A microchip is not a GPS but critical for returning lost pets to their pet parents. Any professional or rescue operation with a scanner can contact you if you pet is lost. Your pet will always be linked to you and you can update you contact information for free if it changes at all.
Scrotal Ablation
Scrotal ablation is a procedure that may be necessary for dogs who are neutered later in life. When an older intact male dog is neutered, the scrotal sack does not shrink as much as a younger dog. This extra skin that is left behind can sometimes cause issues in the recovery process. An active dog can be at risk for a  scrotal hematoma if this extra skin is left behind. A scrotal hematoma is when blood fills the space in the scrotal sack. A scrotal ablation can be performed to remove the extra skin and remove the risk of a scrotal hematoma. The cost of this procedure also includes the use of the surgical laser.
Disclosure Form
The purpose for this form is to inform you that we are here until 7:30 pm and not here overnight. The surgery technician and veterinarian will call you when your pet is waking up from surgery and let you know how your pet is doing. They will give you a timeframe for when he or she can go home. Usually this time is between 4-6 pm.

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Saturday: 8:30am – 2pm

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