House Call Appointments

House call appointments are now available every Wednesday! Here at Catoctin Vet, we are always trying to provide new services for our clients. Due to the high level of requests we have received for house call examinations we have decided to start offering house call appointments one day a week with Dr. Paul Henneke. House call appointments will need to be scheduled in advance; they will not be available day of. A fee of $175 per pet will be charged to clients for the doctor and technician to come to your home for the examination. Pets that are difficult to handle and require muzzling or sedation will not be eligible for house call appointments for our staff’s safety. There will be a limit to what services can be provided during a house call as well as a maximum distance our staff will travel (roughly a 10 mile radius). To inquire about a house call please ask to speak with Jenni or Paige for scheduling.