Help us welcome Dr. Brian Carson!

Dr. Brian Carson will be joining the team here as of Monday, June 14th. Dr. Carson comes to us from a local clinic with 4 years of experience in small animal medicine. Dr. Carson is a graduate of Cornell University just like Dr. Robbins!

Dr. Carson is originally from upstate New York and enjoys experiencing the culture of every new place he visits. He was introduced to the veterinary field as an adolescent and has continued to pursue his passion ever since. As an undergraduate, he traveled to Berlin, Germany and worked with a small animal veterinarian and various professors studying veterinary medicine and the German language. He has continued to pursue his passion for veterinary medicine in the beautiful state of Virginia.

Dr. Carson is a strong believer in the human-animal bond and the joy that beloved pets introduce into our lives. One of his greatest passions in veterinary medicine is working with clients on a personal level to strengthen that bond between animals and people and ensure that our beloved pets have the best quality of life that they can achieve. He has a special interest in animal dentistry and in fact teaches veterinary technicians at Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Carson brings a plethora of medical and surgical skills to our clinic.